Service Campaign

Suzuki considers customer safety as a top priority. Service campaigns are issued to ensure that your Suzuki vehicle performs at the highest quality and safety standards.

  • Vehicle Maintenance
    Maintenance works are done by highly skilled and qualified technicians stringently trained following Suzuki International Standards.

  • Suzuki Service Workshops
    Service workshops are equipped with the latest technology and most advanced tools and equipment to deliver the highest quality of service and customer satisfaction.

Is My Vehicle Covered
By An Active Service Campaign?

Where do I find my VIN?

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Your VIN is part of a Service Campaign

Your VIN is part of a Service Campaign

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Your VIN is not part of a Service Campaign

No details were found for the provided VIN

This vehicle is not included in any active Suzuki Service Campaigns. Please check and make sure that you have entered the correct VIN.

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  1. Fuel Filler Hose Installation Position Correction For Servicing

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